We are back!

We are here working on a bunch of new poems and haikus and musicals for you all and are very excited about our progress!

Look out for some good DP coming up!

We have missed you all so much. Just a shout out to a few of our special selection of tomorrow. Look for these wonderful writers yourselves. Grace Of The Sun, JoJo, Fourteendoors and Cassa Bassa. There are some phenom writers. Artists even!

My Tongue Touches The Ink On Her Page — Room of Thirteen Doors

In the dark and strangeI felt my heart changeMade electric sparkDangerous art broken in partsAs the surreal vision startsShe sits in a dark capeOn a pale horseBlood courses, she captivatesI must decide, heart bestirredWhether I need to escapeOr ride with herUsing gentle forceDon’t want to missNever feel the kissOr the bliss of anticipationElan, elegance of […]

My Tongue Touches The Ink On Her Page — Room of Thirteen Doors

Cross-stitched — The Lustful Empress

We have discovered so many brilliant writers on this site. Some blow our minds with the beauty.

*** Revised. This is what happens when I try to be spontaneous. *** ~~~ If I had the adequate know-how And necessary fine motor control, I would cross-stitch the strands of my patchwork heart Directly across the stretched fabric of yours, Intertwining strings and shreds of bloodied ache Into little Xs, Kissing their way across […]

Cross-stitched — The Lustful Empress